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He attended Harrington School of Communication where he earned a bachelors degree in journalism and he earned Media at the University of Rhode Island.

In 1985, John King gave a start to his career as a writer in Associated Press.

He and ‘Magic Map’ both were featured in Daily Show segment.

After his career days were going well he started a talk show called the State of the Union, which replaced CNN’s Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer.

Besides this, there is no such rumors and controversy related to him.

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She moved to her career after completing a bachelor degree in political communication.

Dana Bash is the daughter of an ABC News producer and senior broadcast producer of ACS News.

She graduated from George Washington University and became the on-air reporter in Capitol Hill specializing in coverage of the US senate.

He announced that CNN’s senior political reporter, Candy Crowley, would replace him as a host on January 31, 2010.

On March 22, 2010, he started to host his show called John King, USA.

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