Dating a russian girl advice

You do NOT want to quiz her about her past relationships and then start talking about sex. But on the first and even second date you should proceed with caution.

These things are considered normal in Russia (I know, in the West that’s sexual harassment). You can overtly communicate your expectations and desires but you cannot be too in-your-face or even rude with it.

That will make you a walking ATM but it sure as shit will not help you build a bond with her.

Also, understand that in Russia understatement is not a thing. Tell her you’re going on an adventure and then take her to the shooting range or something like that. It’s not only ok but recommended that you make your objectives very clear.

In this article I'll show you how you can kill it as well. The differences are in the nuances and the nuances you really only notice in the long term.

That is why dating Russian women is almost like dating any other nationality.

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