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There was a gray hair invading my afro-pompadour, sneering, I had a “survival job” in government communications where getting boss approval on anything was like facing the powerful final opponent in a martial-arts movie. “Senior”-titled Elon Musk admirers who wanted to be treated like heads of state.They wanted a full program of cock-centric sex, custody days with their soccer-loving kids, and nights with their power-nerd friends who would not let me play the tortured Amy Winehouse songs.I crabbed at him all the time.“Your pits stink like an alley during a garbage strike,” I said, presenting him with a tube of Kiehl’s deodorant that seems medical-grade because it’s sold by people in white lab coats. I’ll go straight to the bar when it opens and see if it’s there.”He gave me a beaten-animal look as I shut the door. With his funky armpits, youthful mistakes, and boring retellings of ’90s Disney movies, I was reminded of how mismatched we were. Then she kills him.”***That fall, as I was leaving for a trip, he said he couldn’t cat-sit for me as planned. He turned around and listened wearily as I made a pessimistic gesture about my future, saying I wanted another chance.“You look like in that billowy shirt,” I said, leading him through the mall to remake him in some better clothes. I also said something I didn’t mean about love.“OK, babe. But I’d have to face our relationship’s inequality soon enough.It was like that Disney movie where a disgraced lion is incapable of facing responsibility, so he leaves home and wallows with some idlers, trying to drown the anguish of not living up to his true purpose by singing “Hakuna matata! But there was no use beating anybody up about it, not even myself.on a date, because I actually broke every dating rule out there, and invited him over to my house to watch a football game and share dinner.

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In bed, he was as careful and attentive as someone preparing a body for burial. Maybe there was so much postelection dread that I would have huddled around anyone’s fire.

What I did was relax, letting myself simply be worshipped. What was even more revealing was when he shared his history with older women: his last serious girlfriend was almost my age. He left her during a tense recovery, when the healthy baby and the infirm mother both needed someone to wipe their tushies. Instead, he took the infant to live with an attractive rural woman he had met on Facebook, somehow got kicked out of there, lost custody of the kid to his half-sister, and six months later escorted me to a near-empty gastropub that charged for Brussels sprouts.

Then he told me that his worst day had been when his mother sexually abused him. As Nietzsche said, sometimes we show compassion to the unlucky because we are just glad it is not us.

That’s what it was like to date a younger guy who was desperately in need of love and stability.

A guy who was sleeping on his friend’s couch and working the cash register at a corner market I was an overeducated black woman with good credit, no kids, who was 20 years his senior — I should have known better.

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