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Still some times I am not holding them as ferociously as I need to hold them. Your continued comments are causing me a lot more pain than my relationship.

Why do I continue to hang out with people who are emotionally poisoning me? I need you to understand that I am happy with my relationship.

By choosing to be in a relationship with a partner who loves two women, I am saying good bye to the romantic bubble of being the one, still hurts.

My whole life I didn't know to protect myself and didn't even know what boundaries were. I need to cut out the people who don't respect me, my choices and my boundaries. They are giving you bad advice because they misunderstand the situation, and your relationship is outside of their experience.

With loads of support from my partner and therapy I have started setting boundaries. It's been hard cos I am alone on that and trying now to make new healthier friendships. They aren't understanding you or your relationship. I'd talk to them about that, and politely say, "I appreciate your concern for my wellbeing, but this is my life, and my choice.

Second, you're going to have to be honest and clear with your partner and talk about what's happening and what you're feeling.

If your relationship isn't sunk already, the three of you need to get through the crappy parts and be on the same page.

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