Dating a lebanese man family

Severance is not recognized under Shia personal status law.

A wife can be found legally recalcitrant under all personal status laws in Lebanon if she leaves the marital home and refuses to cohabit with her husband without a reason that the religious courts consider legitimate.

A lawsuit filed before Sunni or Ja`fari courts by a husband against a wife who has deserted him and made herself unavailable to him sexually, to demand that she return or to force her to live with him.

If a wife refuses to comply with the court decision, she is considered legally recalcitrant (see below).

Additionally, Druze men and women can terminate their marriage before a Druze court if the spouses mutually consent to a divorce.

Under Shia and Sunni personal status laws a husband can revoke a divorce within the waiting period (see below) without his wife’s consent and without the need to conclude a new marriage.

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