Dating a geek girl creative dating ideas teenagers

She wears glasses, reads books, is always well informed about the latest news, an introvert and takes least interest in how men look at her.

There is something really intriguing about nerdy girls, every time you see one.

She will understand you better, your choices better and you will never have to hide the fact that you are still a die-hard fan of Batman. They love gadgets just like men and share the same enthusiasm. They are good listeners, understanding in nature, have a balanced mind and also share with you a lot of similar hobbies.

It may be a latest apple gadget, a software, a car, or any such thing. Whether it is about playing a video game together or helping you in your college project, they can be great companions.

A girl could be a great singer and still be a nerd. Forget those normal ways of approaches, by showing signs like smiling, asking for a pen, or something of that sort.

Before we get into this, there’s an important thing I need to share with you: I’m one of those super liberal guys that think it’s awesome (and hot) for the girl to make the first move on a date. If you’re not on the same page here, forget everything I’ve said. And hey, watching porn with your partner can be fun too.

She is smart, intellectual and very much capable of handling her issues herself.

In mere words, she doesn’t expect anything from you.

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