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All of the multiplayer games include a reporting system so that violations of these rules can be reviewed by the system administrator.

into the chat window, a log of the last hundred chat messages along with the user name and IP address of everyone in the chat room, including yourself, are sent by email to the system administrator for review.

You must not tell anyone your real name, email address, home address, messenger handle or phone number. You must not choose a Player Name that impersonates Maid staff or other users, or which is deliberately confusing. Chatting of a sexual nature or cybering is strictly forbidden in any of the games on Maid Maid games are not intended for players under the age of 13 without adult supervision.

We may record, monitor or censor the chat to help us identify offenders.

That is why we will remain a free webcam porn platform.

In addition to this, we work hard to establish faster connection speeds and better quality live streams than any other live cam site.

If we get repeated email reports for minor infractions, we will treat it like spam and ban the sender from the games.

Use your judgment to determine if a player's behavior is dangerous or is ruining the game for everyone.

Oct 29, 2018 Spam bot alert Not that this is really news, but as I'm sure most all of you reading this know, there is a rogue spam bot on the loose.It enters, post some asinine message with a URL or link to click on, then leaves. In the mean time, beware of that link or any website where anyone is trying to direct you to another site in any Chatropolis room.It rinses and repeats in several rooms all throughout the day and night. If you really feel the need to open a URL or click on a link to some random, spam bot generated, not approved by Chatropolis, website from a spam bot with some sketchy, ridiculously simplistic, and non-clever name then you really should get your priorities and your computer checked because eventually you're going to need it for both.Blatant violations of the Rules of Conduct will result in players being banned from all Maid games.Chat logs that include sexual harassment, threatening, stalking or any other illegal behavior will be turned over to law enforcement for legal action.

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