Creating self updating applications with the net compact framework New zealand xxx cam chat 1on1 free

We will now configure our project so it will compile to the directory shared with the emulator.

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Our new command line looks like this: "C:\Dev Tools\Windows CE 5.0 Emulator\Emulator_500.exe" "C:\Dev Tools\Windows CE Tools\wce420\POCKET PC 2003\Emulation\PPC_2003_WWE.bin" /sharedfolder c:\source\d2005\delphi\\cf\shared /video 240x320x16 In order to link against the Compact Framework assemblies, it is necessary to have them installed on your development machine, or to have a .dcpil file which the compiler can link against instead.

rem ************************************************************* set _BDSDIR_=C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS.0\Bin path %_BDSDIR_%;%PATH% rem ************************************************************* rem ** Cater for the fact that paths with spaces can't be passed rem ** in from the Tools menu rem ************************************************************* SHIFT SHIFT : LOOP IF "%1" == "" GOTO END set _PROJECTDIR_=%_PROJECTDIR_% %1 SHIFT GOTO LOOP : END cd %_PROJECTDIR_% del *.dc? It also handles project paths that may contain spaces, as this information cannot currently be passed in as one parameter from the built-in macros available when configuring an item on the IDE tools menu. API in the uses regionit works great in the IDE since i have access to all the property and methods of the Terminal.

il %_DCCILPATH_% "%_PROJECTDIR_%%_PROJECTNAME_%" -u%_CFUNITS_% -lu System. Once this batch file has been created, we can configure the IDE so it can be invoked for the current project from the Tools menu. and the compilation is ok in the problem is with the Dccil Compact Framework with the following message : Borland Delphi for .

If you do not have the framework installed then you can download the latest version from Microsoft's mobility website.

The end-user version comes with an automatic installer but requires an Active Sync connection.

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