Configuration options for updating the os

Please be patient as the update may take some time.

It is critical that the La Cie device remains powered on while the update is running.

DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR DEVICE DURING THE UPDATE Your La Cie device will automatically reboot twice, a few seconds after the update begins and once it has finished.

Do not be concerned if your La Cie device boots slower than usual as it is normal during an update.

The Filter Log Messages option allows you to select what information you want displayed and to hide the rest.

Using Open Daemon Log File will open the system log of the running daemon to view the status at an operating system level, instead of just the update client log itself.

Next is Clear Log Viewer, which will clear out the log viewer so you only see new information displayed.

The second option is “Software Updates”, which will notify you automatically when the update client has a newer version released so that you can make sure you use the latest version.

Once you have enabled all the hosts you want the client to update and set the hosts options, you need to configure the rest of its options.

If you open the Dyn Updater bar and select Preferences, you can continue with the configuration.

How to use the Auto Update feature on the 5big Network 2, 2big Network 2, d2 Network 2, Network Space 2, Network Space MAX and Cloudbox devices.

Before updating the firmware on your La Cie network 2, Cloudbox, Network Space 2 or Network Space Max device, make sure the following conditions have been met: Please note: Drives with older firmware may not have the auto-update option, however, after updating to a later firmware version it will be available.

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