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In order to avoid the difficulties inherent in parsing raw XML input, almost all programs that need to process XML documents rely on an XML parser to actually read the document.The parser is a software library (in Java it’s a class) that reads the XML document and checks it for well-formedness.Applications that require access to the entire document at once in order to take useful action would be better served by one of the tree-based APIs like DOM or JDOM.Finally, because SAX is so efficient, it’s the only real choice for truly huge XML documents.

The middle ground was a smart grad student and a couple of weeks.

Java 1.4 is the first version of Java to include an XML parser as a standard feature.

In earlier versions of Java, you need to download a parser from the Web and install it in the usual way, typically by putting its file in your The most important decision you'll make at the start of an XML project is the application programming interface (API) you'll use.

Of course, as Fred Brooks taught us, “In most projects, the first system built is barely usable.

It may be too slow, too big, awkward to use, or all three.

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