Client computer not updating group policy

In some time (it depends on the number of updates and bandwidth to the WSUS server) check if there is a pop-up notification of the new updates in the tray.Clients (the client’s name, an IP, an OS, patch percentage and the date of the last status update) should appear in the corresponding groups in the WSUS console.

In real world, it is possible to link a single WSUS policy to all domain computers (a GPO is assigned to the domain root), distribute different types of clients across different OUs (as in our example, we created different WSUS policies for servers and workstations).This type of client assigning to the WSUS groups is called client side targeting.It is expected that our network will use two different update policies: separate update policy for Servers and another one for Workstations.To implement such a scheme, let’s set the following policies: Note.When you configure update policy, we recommend you to get acquainted with all the settings that are available in each option of Windows Update GPO section, and set the parameters suitable for your infrastructure and organization.

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