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Sara reported to the principal that Kayla was bullying another student.When Sara got home, she had 35 angry messages in her e-mail box.The anonymous cruel messages kept coming - some from complete strangers.Greg, an obese high school student, was changing in the locker room after gym class.

Since the majority of internet scam and virus victims are students and young people, Open Colleges is a perfect place to post the very first full guide to being safe on the internet.

Katie sent a message to Jessica pretending to be her friend and asking lots of questions.

Jessica responded, sharing really personal information. Katie forwarded the message to lots of other people with her own comment, "Jessica is a loser."When Annie broke up with Sam, he sent her many angry, threatening, pleading messages.

Anybody should be very careful about content they personally put up, and they should monitor their reputuation online.”While the perpetrator didn’t specifically use Meri’s full name, she says anybody who knew of them would have known that it was her who he was talking about. He had also stated in an email chat to a mutual friend that he was going to try and make me lose my job.

I didn’t feel that I should have just sat there and taken it.”Do your research The first step Meri took was to researched all she could about cyber-bullying and online harassment.

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