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I wanted to go in and just make it happen and let it be artistic and hopefully commercial as well.”So Young fronted the money to lay the foundation, fully prepared to eat his investment if RCA didn’t like what was there.

He and co-producer Corey Crowder quietly recorded demos for six tracks.

“We made a record that kind of doesn’t sound like anything else, I don’t think, top to bottom.”He’s not bro-country, he insists, but he doesn’t resent the subgenre.

It’s a narrow target, but Young isn’t mad about it.

Young enters Nashville’s Sound Stage Studio through a back door on an unusually warm and sunny Monday afternoon in October.He talks about the album, the industry, his boots and the hole he's wearing into his favorite acoustic guitar a la Willie Nelson's Trigger.After the last picture is taken, he thanks the photographer with a polite smile and a firm handshake before moving efficiently to an adjoining room to talk about the project he hopes will carry him to bigger audiences.“We’re selling better than we’ve sold in a lot of years.I think having different sounding people is a great thing.” When he hears Sam Hunt infuse the genre with hip-hop, he smiles.“They’re doing what’s them. As long as everybody is making really great music, do you really care if ‘Well, that doesn’t have a steel guitar on it.’ And do you really mind if all of my stuff does?

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