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She paved the way, with her voice and image, for many diva’s that would come after her.Whitney is free from the body and free from the matrix, which means her mission here was complete.What are the projects: There are a few and I’ll probably come up with more any minute now. Breaking barriers and singing the songs in ways not sung before. All supporters who give amounts over Eur 200 will get mentioned in the credits.Here are the priorities: , recorded in unusual ways, with unusual people and at least one unusual instrument. Not strictly but there is that influence going on too. I tried a little something with a song like this not long ago and the way I sang it surprised me and It was even shocking in parts due to the intensity that came out of me. There are other projects which will explored along the way, and songs sometimes develop whilst in another session. People who donate larger amounts: please talk to me about what kinds of credits you’d like or what else I can do to make you a happy bunny. If you’d like to give a certain amount each month, we can set that up either via bank transfer or paypal.

When I did my research on the music industry I found out that there are 3 major labels that own the Industry and all of the smaller labels within it.A corporation is issued bonds from a bank and it then begins to invest into itself with the banker money.The stocks are issued out,first to the preferred stockholders, and then the general public gets a shot at investing into the stocks, as common stock holders.Before a entertainer is given a recording contract they must first be a member of a secret society.A so called X member of the Illuminati, who was a music executive in the 70’s spoke about this publicly, his name was John Todd.

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