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Involuntarily celibates perpetually fear that whatever sex they might ultimately have might be the last they ever get; they have no feeling of security whatosever that they will have a subsequent sexual opportunity, which sometimes leaves them desperate .Researchers Donnelly and Burgess used a floor figure of six months of involuntary celibacy in their study design.person is someone who fails to initiate or sustain a sexual or romantic relationship, despite his/her desire to experience such a relationship.Afflicted people may suffer from unusually intense loneliness, frustration, and depression that often arises as a result of this condition lasting for the lengths of time it typically tends towards.Involuntary celibacy may also be perpetuated by cognitive biases and/or negative explanatory styles such as learned helplessness or fundamental attribution error.Learned helplessness occurs when, after experiencing repeated rejection, an individual is conditioned to assume all other potential prospects will also reject them.There may be a link between sexual repression and aggression, insensitivity, criminal behaviour, and a greater likelihood of killing and torturing enemies.

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Very little research has been published on involuntary celibacy, and few statistics are available, although it is finding its way onto university syllabi.Involuntary celibacy is not the same as love shyness, although some core characteristics of the two may appear to overlap.To clarify in terms of degree, involuntary celibates are typically at a complete or near-complete lack for sex or intimate physical connection for very long spans of time — several years and even decades at a time — not merely weeks or months.Beyond that, incels are also usually at a complete lack of for sexual advancement to begin with: it is not that opportunities exist for the person but are not taken, but rather, it is that within the person's own world no sexual circumstances whatsoever even materialise to begin with, sometimes inexplicably.And although depression and psychological problems sometimes do underpin incel and must be overcome before incel can be dealt with, other incels are indeed socially outgoing, otherwise well-developed in human interaction, et cetera, yet continue not to establish an intimate relationship for years on end.

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