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You can search records by site number, site name, lab number, LA report number or by specific date (BP) or date range (BP).If you do not know the entire site name or lab number, etc., the search function will operate with a partial field entry.This date will remain constant, whereas calibrated dates will change depending on the calibration curve used to calculate them.The date is presented in years before present (BP). This is also known as the intercept between the radiocarbon age and the calibrated calendar scale curve.In those circumstances, the error in the calibrated date may be even greater.Each record in the database should have a conventional radiocarbon age.For example 16AV1, (this is the site number for the Marksville site in Avoyelles Parish. Depths are given as cm bs (centimeters below surface) or cm/ft/in bd (centimeters, feet, inches below datum). The lab number consists of the Lab Code (abbreviation associated with a radiocarbon dating lab, for example Beta Analytic = Beta) followed by a number.16 = state designation number, AV= parish abbreviation, 1= sequential number assigned to site with the parish. For a complete list of lab codes referred to in the database see is sometimes referred to as the raw age and represents the uncalibrated radiocarbon date.

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All search results can be sorted by site name, site number, lab number, conventional radiocarbon age, or LA report number.

Other references may have used a different calibration program and the published dates may vary slightly.

The website offers five basic ways to search the database.

The conventional date is the raw/measured radiocarbon date that has been normalized to the modern standard through the use of C13/C12 correction factor.

Always use this date and the associated correction factor when calibrating or recalibrating a date.

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