Cancer man and scorpio woman dating

I was very hurt and humiliated by him and broke off with him.

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When the Cancer man decides you are The One he will always hold a torch for you. But one word of warning, he is the most sensitive man you will ever meet, watch those stingers. Which is not true, I trust him more than anyone and for me its very hard to open up about my feelings and what is on my mind, but he changed that. He hardly ever tells me, I mean he says he loves me and I believe him.

He's typical to his sign- moody as the full moon approaches, quiet, loving, caring, gentle. But Cancer and Scorpio have some dissimilarities too. I wish he would fully disclose his true feelings for me.

In my opinion, the key is to be patient and understanding. I love him very much and have never experienced feelings for a man like I did for him. I do have to admit, however, that I'm constantly swaying back and forth between adoring him and wondering if he's an asshole.

I am a Scorpio woman with very strong feelings for a Cancer man. He is very responsive to me if I reach out I just do not understand why he does not reach out on his own. I was in love with two Cancer men in the past, both were love at first sight as if there were some unspeakable bonds between us.

We had a argument as if we have been dating for years the other day. I figured later that we are on the same emotional wave length.

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