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This is essentially a web request maker, that is preserving cookies as requests are performed.

Remember - after the original auth is performed, calls are not receiving any explicit auth tokens, but rather are reading in domain-specific cookies.

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None of these items use official REST APIs (unfortunately, those don’t expose the video stream), therefore can break at any time.

Request(self.nest_api_login_url,data=post_data) request.add_header('Content-Type','application/x-www-form-urlencoded') response = session_data = print session_data def initialize User(self): print 'INFO: Initializing current user...' user_url = self.nest_user_url.replace('#USERID#',self.nest_user_id) print 'INFO: Requesting user data from:' print user_url request = urllib2.

Request(user_url) request.add_header('Content-Type','application/json') request.add_header('Authorization','Basic %s' % self.nest_access_token) response =, self.nest_user_request_payload) response_data = print response_data user_object = json.loads(response_data) for bucket in user_object['updated_buckets']: bucket_id = bucket['object_key'] if bucket_id.startswith('quartz.'): camera_id = bucket_id.replace('quartz.','') print 'INFO: Detected camera configuration.' print bucket print 'INFO: Camera UUID:' print camera_id self.nest_camera_array.append(camera_id) One piece of information that I am looking for is the camera ID - when I get the user information, I get a list of objects, such as the geofence, thermostats, etc.

) to figure out the inner workings of the video capture mechanism, and how I can capture video locally without having to bind myself to a paid subscription or making the stream public - the camera is already in my house, it captures the video through my own network, so getting captured static and dynamic images should be relatively painless. My tool belt of choice here was Python and related libraries - I could just write a script that captures everything I need stored, and it will work seamlessly across platforms.

My starting point was analyzing the traffic from the Nest Home website.

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