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" out of my brain and I don't think I want to, either. And most of all I loved how Brennan held onto her totally justified anger at Max until she couldn't.

There is a big turning point in this episode when Brennan is reduced to going to Max for help because it's the only way to save Booth, and she believably evolves from "hey Booth, my dad is here, can you arrest him?

Honorable mention goes to the skating scene at the end of "Fire in the Ice." Best romantic moment, Hodgins/Angela division -- I forget the episode title, but it's when Angela thinks she might be pregnant (it was a false alarm) and Hodgins says simply, "I'm your guy." Honorable mention goes to their conversation right before the birth of their son. Best character transformation -- I sooo hated "Angry Hodgins" from Season 1, but I love science nerd and experiment junkie Hodgins from subsequent seasons.

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I may never get "observe, analyse, deduce" and "Amazing! I loved Booth's constant conflict between wanting to arrest the criminal and wanting Brennan to get some peace by reconnecting with her father.I love the older episodes), when Cam first joined, and it's amazing to me how they have aged Brennan.She used to have a young hairstyle and eccentric but stylish dress, and she spoke quietly in that gravely voice.Now she dresses like a grandma and talks in a robotic yet shrill voice all the time.I wonder if it's a conscious choice or just ED aging.

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