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Wyman (born 1929, Weymouth, Massachusetts) is the author of several books on the responses of the United States to Nazi Germany's persecution of and programs to exterminate Jews. If American Jews had taken a more forceful approach, government policy could have been changed. In his later work Wyman's position shifted, he came to believe that the attitude of American Jews during the Nazi era was to be faulted, and that the approach of the Bergson Group was the correct one.Milano starred in two 1988 television films, Crash Course and Dance 'til Dawn.Both projects allowed her to work alongside close personal friend Brian Bloom who worked with his brother Scott with her in episodes of Who's the Boss; this working camaraderie would later expand in 1993 when Milano made a cameo appearance in Bloom's film The Webbers.And I learned a lot as far as knowing where the camera is and what coverage they need so that it's not all explicit." She starred in other roles, such as Candles in the Dark, Confessions of a Sorority Girl, The Surrogate, To Brave Alaska and Fear, which did not receive very positive reviews, although Jack Matthews of the Los Angeles Times called Milano's performance in Fear "very good". In 1998, she was cast as Phoebe Halliwell, one of the three lead characters on Spelling's show Charmed.She and Holly Marie Combs became producers for the show during season four.

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When accompanying a friend from the Annie production to the office of a New York agent, Milano was introduced to the agent, who began representing her.She returned to the theater in 1991, producing and starring in a Los Angeles production of Butterflies Are Free from December 26, 1991, to January 19, 1992.A few years later this film was shown in Japan, prompting a producer to offer Milano a five-album record deal.a National Hockey League team, and is involved with a related clothing line.In 2008, she expanded that to NFL football, as a New York Giants fan.

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