Brad garrett dating show

As far as the dating show, can you just talk about how that came about and how … Actually, it’s important for people to understand that this isn’t Brad Garrett looking for love; this is Brad Garrett really making a window around what it’s like when a guy going through a semi-midlife crisis is out there in the playing field of the single world, that’s really what this is. It has not only been humbling, but it kind of gives you an idea of what hurdles I have in real life dating.

What it really is it’s just me going out with various women, with various ideas and attitudes and wishes and dreams, like all single people have and how I either berate them or try to get to know them or vice versa.

Starting Thursday, candidates can begin uploading video applications to the SPT-owned at Brad.

“An online dating show seemed like a logical choice given that I’m in the midst of a midlife crisis and averse to pain, which makes getting my ear pierced out of the question,” Garrett said.

When I’m surrounded by four ladies like I am on The View, I try to be a little bit more tempered.

People really know that when I come on, it could get a little edgy, and folks have to understand, it’s really part of my personality, it’s a huge part of my stand-up; it’s really just what I do.

The Everybody Loves Raymond actor admits he's grown tired of living the single life since his divorce from Jill Diven last year (07) and has spent the summer (08) screening female applicants for his upcoming web show Dating Brad Garrett.It’s really just the anti-Bachelor, is really what it is, it’s the realistic take of a bachelor. I wanted to ask you, I know it’s a little off topic, but sometimes people, when you’re on talk shows, because you’re always on the edge, you’re always going on the edge, they look a little scared sometimes.How do you decide how far you’re going to go when you’re on something like that? What it really is, I also did Howard Stern yesterday, and I can pretty much do whatever I want.“And since I’m not picky about my choices, I hope women of all sizes, shapes and colors will be compelled to submit their videos.” “Dating” will be available on the C-Spot channels on Crackle as well as Google’s You Tube, AOL Video, Hulu, Verizon’s V Cast service and direct to Sony Bravia TVs via the Bravia video link.In addition to “‘Til Death,” which is entering its third season, Garrett co-starred in “Everybody Loves Raymond” for nine seasons, winning three Emmys for his portrayal of Robert, brother of the title character (Ray Romano).

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