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Bosco Wong Chung-chak with family roots in Chaozhou, Guangdong, is a Hong Kong actor under TVB management and singer under East Asia Music. The 1980s are characterized as an era of changing authority and governments, and culture, values, and technology, the influence of 1980s politics, environmental disasters, and pop cultural moments can still be seen today. You can also learn about Bosco Wong’s dating history at Celebs Couples. He is well known for his role as Ling Mau Chun/Bat Lau Ming in the series, Wars of In-Laws in 2005 for which he won a TVB Award for Most Improved Actor.During that time, Myolie disclosed that she has plans to travel to Britain for vacation alone.When asked why she didn’t invite Bosco to travel with her, Myolie said “If I go alone, I will be able to visit my old friends”.Since she went on vacation with Bosco to Japan in the past, why doesn’t she travel with him this time around?

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In 2009, she released her second EP Loveholic and held her first solo mini-concert.

The drama achieved a high viewership rating and her performance was well-praised.

She continued to film her second Mainland series Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law as lead actress the same year and gained widespread popularity in Mainland China.

Despite former TVB actors heavily critical of TVB's treatment towards their stars, Myolie only offered her gratitude and bid farewell to the station.

Myolie took the first step in her singing career through singing the theme song for her television series War and Destiny in 2007.

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