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Bhutan also encourages its citizens to grow trees for firewood and construction timber.Fishing, as well as hunting, is prohibited and anyone caught is liable to a fine and imprisonment.At the same time, they're also bracing against modernity and pop culture as the country gradually emerges from the misty hinterlands.Besides being unconditionally happy during my seven-day stay there, here are some other things that I found out about Bhutan.Ask any Bhutanese if they cook at home and they’ll tell you that even if they don’t know how to cook, they’d definitely know how to make As for me, it took a whole 45 minutes to get through one piece, while my guide and driver chewed through the whole thing in a matter of minutes. Their traditional dress, called for women, are worn at work, monasteries and temples, government offices and during formal occasions.Wearing the national dress is stipulated by the government too.

In fact, the Bhutanese have a per capita adult consumption of 8.47 litres of pure alcohol, which is higher than the average global consumption of 6.2 litres.They do eat meat but they’re mostly imported from India.This non-killing of beings also means it’s impossible to get your hands on pesticide to kill any bugs or insects you might encounter in your hotel room.So I ventured forth to the world's "Last Shangri-La" in end-August to see if the people there are truly happy. There are neighbouring political tensions and low standards of living.But what I found was that behind the smiling and weathered faces is a general contentment with life, status and wealth.

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