Bf2 stats not updating

Simply modify your shortcut to the game to include these parameters: szx 12So your shortcut should look like this if you installed in the default location: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2 Demo\BF2.exe” menu 1 fullscreen szy 1024Console Commands and other inforamtion A comprehensive list with additional information is available here Graphs & Charts of Weapon Damage and more…A table containing this information and more is available here Rank Requirements and Weapon Unlocks Below is a breakdown of the Global score necessary to achieve a rank and whether a weapon unlock will become available.* Also requires Awards: Basic Knife Combat Badge, Basic Pistol Combat Badge, Basic Assault Combat Badge, Basic Anti-tank Combat Badge, Basic Sniper Combat Badge, Basic Spec Ops Combat Badge, Basic Support Combat Badge, Basic Engineer Combat Badge, Basic Medic Combat Badge** �Also requires Awards: Basic Armor Badge, Basic Transport Badge, Basic Helicopter Badge, Basic Aviator Badge, Basic Air Defense Badge, Basic Ground Defense Badge File downloads – Patches, Demos, Movies, Screenshots, etc…

It has a super clean design using some fancy css layout that allows for individual column sorting within tables.Battlefield 2 Case Mods these case mods are awesome!Robin Williams plays Battlefield 2 as a sniper You can read about it here Tom’s Hardware tears EA and Dice a new one on Battlefield 2’s early release The pull no punches in there story available here.Below is the one I selected but there are a bunch more.Update:6/23/07 Great new overall Tips & Strategy site.

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