Best soap opera show for dating mating pickup

Longmire, with spacious New Mexico standing in for Wyoming as the series' production base, makes a solid overall first impression without rising to the level of critical huzzahs.It likely will do very well for A&E, which needs a palate-cleanser to offset low-brow flotsam such as Flipped Off, Hoarders, Billy the Exterminator, Parking Wars, Monster-In-Laws and Dog the Bounty Hunter, which at last is being canceled.

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Both Collin and Cassie eat a little too much, prompting her to say, "I feel like I'm gonna hurl."It's about as dramatic as things get, although Judy earlier proclaims a "panic moment" when one of the bridesmaids gets her zipper stuck while trying on a dress.Law enforcement has been a drag without her, but our hero is gradually coming out of it.The process is accelerated after he learns that a deputy he doesn't much like (Bailey Chase as Branch Connally) has decided to run for sheriff in the next election."You haven't exactly been on top of your game for the last year," Connally tells him.Most people don't have the means to get married like this.And most potential viewers probably would rather be treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the wedding between Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and former TV sports reporter/beauty queen Candice Crawford.

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