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But while I may not have been shouting to anyone in particular, I was shouting near someone.Someone who reminded me of that fact about five minutes later as I ran out the door in an old t-shirt.Turns out it’s not the words themselves, but how you use them.Indeed, an oft-cited 2016 Marist College study found precisely the opposite: the more fluent its subjects were in swearing, the better their language skills tended to be.

The reason slurs and epithets leap so readily into our mouths is because they are easy. My guess is that this is the root of the “swearing indicates lazy thinking,” argument against profanity.To be honest, I wouldn’t so much call what I was doing packing as frantically running around our apartment throwing clothes in a bag, knowing that if I wasn’t in a taxi in the next five minutes, I was going to miss my flight and set off a cascade of terrible outcomes.I just needed three clean dress shirts and I was done.I dashed the closet open and found…the dry cleaning I was supposed to drop off the previous week.“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK!” I shouted, with rising intensity, a language alarm bell ringing somewhere in the back of my head.

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