Belarus dating scams

Often men from the West searching for an Eastern European women for dating overlook Belarusia , some consider it a dangerous country to visit and have heard all sorts of stories about the country being governed by a dictator , but I would take most of those stories with a pinch of salt.Belarusia has some of the most beautiful women on the planet and if you are really set on finding yourself a beauty Belarus should not be overlooked.

Belarus is located right beside its Russian cousin Russia so do not be surprised if much of Belarus seems Russian to you.There are many international supermodels from Belarus and women in from this country are renowned for their exotic Slavic features and beauty making them sought after for marriage and dating.Belarusian women are blonde hair, with beautiful penetrating eyes, and usually tall stature.As with many other countries in Eastern Europe higher education plays a plays a big part of all young Belarusian women and Like a lot of other countries in the world, education is extremely important part of life.Education is free in Belarus meaning their parents will be pushing them to go to higher education after school. Belarusia has one of the highest adult literacy rates in the world and nearly all young Belarusian women speak at least two languages, shall we compare that to young Western women? Women and girls from Belarus are well known to be among some of the most beautiful women in the world.

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