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You should never send money to anyone you meet online.Scammers often promise to visit you, then pocket any money you send them.Most likely these pretenders are victimizing more than one target on this particular site so the owners want them off.She recognizes cutting it off can be difficult when you feel isolated and lonely.Scammers often have access to authentic-looking fake documents.This is another common scam and you should never send money.“Doing the Google search for the scammer lets you know if the photo actually originated from one of these sites, and isn’t the actual photo of the suitor,” Nofziger says.“Another red flag is if the scammer forgets how to spell his name.

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Some online dating scammers post photos and profiles designed to lure singles to “chat.” The, unsuspecting victims fall under their spell and are bilked out of hundreds and thousands of dollars. Several months and many lies later, he’d drained her bank account of 0,000. We meet Marlene in author Carole Brody Fleet’s new book, due out in April 2016, “When Bad Things Happens to Good Women.” Fleet also spent some time on Internet matchmaking sites, giving her expertise in spotting fakers.

They are hard to identify until the relationship has gone on for a period of time, he says.

Nofziger says if you spot any of these warning signals, cease the interaction immediately and report what happened to the dating site.

The money orders are likely to be fake and after sending money to the scammer, you could find yourself being pursued by the bank for payment. They may also ask you to provide personal details, such as your name and address, birth date, bank account or credit card numbers, and sometimes family details, intimate photographs and videos, and use this information to steal your identity or attempt to blackmail you.

More and more people in the UK are getting conned out of large sums of money by scammers on dating services.

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