Avira not updating 2016

Cons: What I do not like about avira is that it comes in separate components, so you have to install each one independently, the software support is not very good, you need to improve the service and it is not the ideal antivirus to protect yourself while browsing the Internet, and the last thing is, the price could be a bit high.

Pros: Avira is a very lightweight yet powerful antivirus programs out there, not to mention that it's free.

Pros: Avira has a large number of components and features, has a firewall, vpn, real-time scanning, etc.

What I like the most, is that it is quite light, its updates are made quickly because they are not heavy, it also has a good performance, and does not decrease the performance of the computer, another reason why I like it Avira is because I do not have constant problems with false positives, or deleted important files, it is quite effective.

Avira consumes few resources from your PC, both in the installation, update process, analysis process and in real time protection. It allows me to detect suspicious files in downloaded items from the web, and also detects possible risks or attempts of infection when I surf the Internet through forums and some pages of movies.

Cons: Avira has some disadvantages: 1.- It is not as powerful as other antivirus, for example kaspersky.

As advantages I can say that: 1.- Its installation process is quite simple.

2.- It can be installed in a mid-range computer without any problem since it usually does not use so many resources, except when it is being updated.

Comments: Avira has kept me protected without causing discomfort for remove some time, being multiplatform allows me to install it on several devices, without problems of the loss of important files, instability in the system, or constant detection of false positives, nevertheless to surf the internet , saving passwords, is not the best option.It has an easy to use interface and is visually appealing. Although Avira is great for what it does, it may not be as great as some of the more popular software.The free version of the tool has ads that in my opinion popup frequently enough to be annoying, but the paid version gets rid of that.Especially going into Asia there are so many virus emails Avira always detected all of them.Pros: Avira have several advantages: 1.- You can choose between a free version with enough functionality or a paid version with even more features than the free version.

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