Are real and chance still dating

On the reality TV show Real Chance at Love, Hot Wings was the winner for Chance.She said in an interview that after the show was over, he never bothered to contact her and they never actually became a couple.Well the finale was shot in June, and according to Hot Wings aka Kamille Leai, she and Chance are no longer an item.

Her hair was swept back with loose locks framing her face. Although New York said they were exchanging dirty pictures and she’d do another show with him, she won’t get the chance, because Tango dumped her on the reunion. It was either that or an announcement of baby Tango and New Yorks. Tango’s reason for dumping her had something to do with her two identities, or something. So somebody tell me why I’ve got to take it from the person I’m supposedly pursuing and supposedly supposed to be loving? New York’s reacted by telling Chance, “I should have fucking chose you! and that ain’t gonna fly,” Tango said, according to Reality TV World.“It’s bad enough I got to fight off these other dudes on a regular basis, taking whatever I’m taking from them, because I know I’ve got a goal at hand.

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