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was born in Lafayette, Indiana located in the United States of America on February 6, 1962.He’s of mixed ethnic descent and the first child of his parents who separated when he was two years old; he has two other siblings a brother and a sister.I doubt it, when Lana first became famous people thought she was single or her label got stories made up so they thought she was dating or sleeping with every guy she was out with or pictured with but she was actually dating Barrie James O' Neill from like May 2011- March 2014.Axl Rose I think she was only seen with twice, once after she met him at a show and then one time they went out to a club together, she likely just went back to meet him and hang out with him a few days later then cause they were seen together twice in a week it was made out they were dating.Their split was pretty quick and not much coverage followed it.As a matter of fact, Barry James O’ Neill didn’t even find out about the end of the relationship until he discovered through his cousin that Lana Del Rey reportedly broke up with him in an interview.I enjoyed putting my thoughts into each article I wrote.The Star behind the success of the popular rock band group Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose is a well-known controversial figure, a multi-talented musician, the founder and lead singer of the Guns N’ Roses band that was formed in 1985.

It seems fitting to want to know who we’re going to hear about next in her songs. Axl Rose is best known for being the Frontman of American hard rock band, Guns N’ Roses. Axl Rose and Lana Del Rey may not have lasted long but at least their taste in music is compatible.

His active contributions, creativity and exceptional music style have kept the band group under the spotlight for a very long time now.

The band has sold over a hundred million copies of their albums all over the world and that has made them one of the world’s highest-selling bands of all time; all thanks to their relentless effort and determination.

Lana Del Rey and Francesco Carrozini were romantically involved not long after she confirmed in June 2014 that she had ended her relationship with Barrie-James O’Neil. 🙋 This is instagram page about wonderful singer Lana Del Rey 💕 and rapper G-eazy. The 29-year-old rapper and producer from Oakland, California. G-Eazy was not only looking for a romantic partner but someone he could collab with.

Del Rey did not do a duet with him on his song ‘Him and I’, so he ended up deciding to have Halsey on it.

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