Are karina and rocco dating

Avoiding all the hurdles Karina Smirnoff has been a successful dancer and has won lots of hearts with her flawless dancing.

Karina is a professional ballroom dancer, and she is American Ukrainian-born.

Are you ready for rumors to start that you and Karina are dating?

It happens every season, contestants accused of hooking up with their partners. She claims she isn't going anywhere and may move to L.

We even have a poll about that very topic right now, and you and Karina are in the lead. We are perfect dance partners, and there are bound to be rumors of all kinds, but it won't affect our ability to enjoy this competition.

And anyway, isn't Karina a man-made dancing cyborg?

Karina is a dancer who has Greek-Russian descent in her dancing style and crazy moves which can blow people away.

A lot of information about this dancing diva and her biography is available on wiki sites like Wikipedia.

In the fourth season she captured 5th place and this time she was dancing with another partner who was Biley Ray Cyrus.

She danced with other partners like Mario, Rocco Di Spiritio, Aaron Carter and Randy Couture but her ultimate success came with her partner J. Martinez in the 13th season in which she became 1st and won the title.

She also became 2nd and 3rd in 17th and 16th season with Corbin Bieu and Jacoby Jones.

She was brilliant at his studies and has two majors in the field of economics.

She also has degree in information system programming and it proves she is very talented in other sector than dancing as well.

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