Are calleigh and eric dating urainium dating

' In terms of a season opener, this is my favorite.

Note that I've taken dialogue from the episode to start this out.

A guy like Horatio NEEDS someone cheerful to brighten his life.

If I feel that H/C makes sense, what more proof do you need?Opening dialogue is not mine and I don't claim it as original.It might not float your boat, but in all honesty, they are a likely pairing, even if it's not the direction you think the show is going.Part one "As Good As He Once Was" = Chapters 1-35 (complete)Part two "Every Mile A Memory" = Chapters 36 - 73 (complete) Continuing the story of Horatio and Mac as partners in Miami, focusing on the (altered) events of season 7 and possibly season 8.There's a reason that Frank calls Ryan "dust monkey" and it's not just to annoy him.

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