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But some Muslim thinkers affirm that Islam opposes the use of contraception based on the , ”Do not kill your children for fear of heresy.” Others believe Islam doesn’t forbid the use of contraception based on theses verses: “Allah wishes to ease your burdens, not to make things difficult.” (1, 185).As to property and inheritance, if one follows the Quran, “Men have a share on what parents and relatives leave behind and women also have the right to have a share.” Muslim woman had the right to inherit and manage whatever they owned by themselves in a time when other countries didn’t allow any financial transactions by women.

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She is exhibiting herself to the prying eyes of men who are defenseless against such temptation: “Man was created weak.” (, the conditions for marriage are very clear. “It is not lawful for you that you should take a woman as heritage against her will.” Second, the husband gives the “” a gift to the bride, of which she gets to appoint the amount and nature: “Take them in marriage and give them their dowry as appointed.” As to polygamy, the rules are clear: “And if you fear you can’t act equitably towards orphans, then marry such women as seen good to you, 2 or 3, or 4 but if you fear that you will not do justice between them then marry only one. Religious thinkers’ opinions vary widely on this subject, some thinking that it is not allowed: “You will not be able to do justice between your wives even if you tried.” Others think it is allowed and base their opinion on the The stranger has arrived, she took her place in the house.

There are no ambiguities about these pillars within Islam, but let’s explore some areas where women and some political leaders (Bourguiba, Attaturk) and scholars have not always agreed with the .

Veiling was actually practiced during the Byzantine era prior to Mohammed’s time, and such an imposition cannot be found anywhere in the Quran, although Muslim women are required to dress modestly and to cover their bosoms.

This unanimous acceptance shows the power of its text and its hold on generations.

The sayings and deeds of the Prophet () to Mecca (Saudi Arabia), is done once in a lifetime, for those who can afford it without debt and who have the health to do it.

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