Ajax update panel image while updating

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In many cases, you'll want to use various j Query AJAX functions to update visible Web-site content.

Most Web developers follow the rule of using GET when only retrieving data and using POST when sending data to the server that will invoke a change on the server. It is especially useful if you want to call on new information that does not need data passed to it like you would do with the Not every Web site can use every AJAX feature that j Query offers, so you'll leave the Photographer's Exchange Web site behind at this point.

You'll develop stand-alone examples to demonstrate some of the other features and events available in j Query's AJAX library.

There are some cases in which you will need to load Java Script or j Query scripts just for one-time use in your Web pages and applications.

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Misc However, this Timer1_Tick function is not hit while the application is busy calculating the quote, and so the label of text is not updated at all.

I also wanted to show the user the progress of each Panel - something like 'Panel 1 of 10'... I tried updating the text label in the 'foreach' loop above, and then calling 'Progress Panel. Is it possible to update the text of the Update Panel while the application is calculating the combos for each panel?

Maybe there is something I've missed or am not seeing so hopefully you guys can point it out.

If you have been developing Web sites even for the shortest period of time, you are likely aware of query strings in the URL.

Unless Web-site developers are using methods to hide the strings, you may have seen something similar to this: NOTE Most forms utilize the POST method to request data from the server, but URLs are limited to the GET method. j Query provides a shorthand method call for making this kind of request to the server, and conveniently, it is called is the simplest and easiest method for retrieving information from the server.

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