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Finding a simple statement is not easy, but when you do, as Southwest has, you can use it to drive the success of a business.employees taking care of 750 airplanes flying more than 4,000 flights a day. When hiring to fit the culture, and training to sustain the culture, the concepts must be easy to grasp and remember.

That is exactly the message Goldberg sent to the audience.

Speed Dating is an evocative name for an essential process.

It is common that project teams identify dependencies on other teams or individuals when they write down their task plans.

He knew that taking care of employees would make them happier and want to engage more with passengers, who in turn would enjoy the service and want to fly on Southwest again.

This Kelleher quote sums it up perfectly: Last week, I had the chance to be one of the speakers at a Customer Service Master Class put on by Southwest Airlines and Visit Dallas, the convention and visitors bureau for Dallas, Texas.

(Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images) In 1967, Herb Kelleher had the idea to start an airline.

Here are a few reasons: Looking at the first and second reasons, Kelleher’s vision starting out was to focus on low prices and friendly service. Looking at the third and fourth reasons, Kelleher focused on employees first.

When working on the integration of HP and Compaq, one of my colleagues, Paul Maguire, came up with the Speed Dating concept.

I have used it many times since then, and always found it to be helpful.

Perhaps that’s why Southwest is perhaps the “most loved” airline, consistently being ranked in Southwest Airlines Chairman Herb Kelleher (R) greets Southwest Airlines employees at a parade during a welcoming ceremony at Philadelphia International Airport.

In addition to the Southwest Airlines speakers, one of their “outside speakers” was the legendary Carl Sewell, Chairman of Sewell Automotive and author of “Customers for Life,” who shared this golden nugget of wisdom: Senior Vice-President of Operations and Hospitality at Southwest Airlines.

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