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Were there any characters in particular you wanted to pay homage to? The idea behind giving us all the movies was because a lot of the cast members were really young and probably hadn’t seen them.

As for an homage, it was more about having an overall consistent tone than the specifics of the characters.

For her part, Teegarden wasn’t registering any exhaustion.

She was chipper and excitable, sitting bolt upright in her chair while wearing a cute fitted blazer, tight jeans, and tall strappy heels. Mc Donell, on the other hand, looked like the #1 suspect on a potential school shooter list: slumped down in his chair, disgruntled expression, longish hair, long black coat over a black T-shirt, loose black jeans, and scuffed black shoes.

AT: I was at the premiere the other night, and it was just crazy.

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He appeared in the blockbuster hit Chinese–American fantasy kung fu wuxia film ‘The Forbidden Kingdom,’ starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

We all knew that girl who was cute and driven and had college on the mind and tried to be friends with everybody. The reveals with the characters were there, and so as long as the performance was in keeping with what was on the page, we were okay.

But over the movie, you pull back the layers and realize she doesn’t really know what she stands for or why she stands for it. TM: The studio and the director and the cast and the writer of the script, everyone was pretty committed to making the characters more than just those types you described. They wanted the types to exist, but they also wanted to explode them.

AT: [laughs] What did I wear, who was my date, who’s my celebrity dream date…One of the things I enjoyed about your performances in was that, on paper, these characters could have just come across as types: the good girl and the bad boy.

As actors, how did you approach your characters to elevate them beyond that?

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