Ai cybersex bot

If Samantha judges you to be a good person, for example, that could increase its libido and make it more “interested” in sexual activity.“It requires a bit more thought than that but the algorithm I designed allows for all of that relatively easily,” Santos tells .

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Other experts doubt that a robot could even make such big moral judgements.“I think this is nonsense - quite apart from the deeply questionable morality of sex robots (which I regard as a very bad idea) — there is no way that any robot, let alone a sex robot, can make judgements about the the intentions (good or otherwise) of humans,” Alan Winfield, professor of robot ethics at the University of the West of England, tells .

Responding to the criticism, Santos says that the moral code is “just a concept,” but that defining a sense of right and wrong is “trivial.”“The North Korea guy claims making weaponry that can destroy the world is good,” Santos says, referring to the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un.

“Trump claims that them making it is bad, but that Americans should have it.

Santos’ machine, which hit stores in September 2017, has regularly featured in headlines as its creator has made broad statements about its future development.

He previously told a scale of around two to three months.

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