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The need for cheap labor led to a rapid expansion of indentured servants, penal labor, and African slaves.

In 1760, Maryland's current boundaries took form following the settlement of a long-running border dispute with Pennsylvania.

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Many of its citizens subsequently played key political and military roles in the war. After the war, Maryland took part in the Industrial Revolution, driven by its seaports, railroad networks, and mass immigration from Europe. As of 2015, Maryland had the highest median household income of any state, owing in large part to its close proximity to Washington, D. and a highly diversified economy spanning manufacturing, services, higher education, and biotechnology.which combined total more than 4,000 miles of shoreline. S., it features a variety of climates and topographical features that have earned it the moniker of America in Miniature.In a similar vein, Maryland's geography, culture, and history combines elements of the Mid-Atlantic, Northeastern, and South Atlantic regions of the country.Before its coastline was explored by Europeans in the 16th century, Maryland was inhabited by several groups of Native Americans, mostly by the Algonquin, and to a lesser degree by the Iroquois and Sioux Accordingly, in 1649 the Maryland General Assembly passed an Act Concerning Religion, which enshrined this principle by penalizing anyone who "reproached" a fellow Marylander based on religious affiliation.Nevertheless, religious strife was common in the early years, and Catholics remained a minority, albeit in greater numbers than in any other English colony.

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