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Odd manages to destroy the monstrous program in the end and X. Soon, news of Peter Duncan, a notorious criminal, has escaped the police and Aelita is having serious headaches and passes out during the class and is sent to the hospital. A., kidnaps Jeremie and makes him change the core of the supercomputer, resulting in Aelita being alive and well again. For instance, in Chaos at Kadic, when Laura showed the Supercomputer to her father, as it was the only way to convince him to let her remain at Kadic, Aelita immediately demanded she be removed from the group, insisting she went too far, but William said they couldn't just kick her out because she did something under pressure from her father. You can use Petrification to freeze enemies in solid blocks of ice for a limited amount of time.

A.'s monsters shows their gratitude to Aelita, even though they are still enemies. She and Laura continue to have a rather rough relationship with Aelita doing anything she can to have Laura removed from the group.

She is Jeremie's love interest and Laura Gauthier's rival. Pück, who had a hidden key to Franz Hopper's locker in the local train station. Jeremie assumed she was an artificial intelligence and decided to name her Maya, after she requested to be called something other than "artificial inteligence". Jeremie sends Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi to Lyoko to help Aelita get to the red tower after an fierce fight with X.

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The Lyoko Warriors decide that Aelita would visit the Earth occasionally to visit for them. During a field trip, Aelita suffers from visions, leading her to an old abandoned house, the Hermitage, where X. Sometime later in school, Aelita doesn't get along with others well, as Sissi tricks her into entering the boy's bathroom and feeling that no one has time for her, Aelita returns to Lyoko, where X. She is saved by the others and brought back to Earth, where she decides to stay while learning to insult Sissi as well. Jeremie finds a video diary of Franz Hopper, the man who used to own the Hermitage and work in Kadic before. A glowing point will appear in the place where the bridge will be. Being possessed, Aelita surrenders herself to the Scyphozoa, forcing Odd to shoot her to the point that she could die, which then again forces the Scyphozoa to let her go. A., destroying everything in its way and forcing the Lyoko Warriors to work together with X. Jeremie finds out that Aelita's behavior is because of the supercomputer losing its power and needing to be recharged. Also, in Friday the 13th, when Odd's life was potentially on the line when operating the Skid and it was about to collapse into the Digital Sea with no shields, Aelita demanded for Ulrich and William to get Laura for help, flatly saying they needed her, though she seemed to be completely against the idea of Laura going to Lyoko, physically stopping Jeremie just as he is about to transfer her, making Laura furious. When ice appears at their feet, swing the Wii remote over your head. There, she has two heart attacks and survives both of them. Despite some rough tension, in Rendezvous, as Laura leaves to return to Kadic from the Factory, Aelita thanks her for her help. To activate, move the cursor over the enemy you wish to Petrify and hold C. Aelita's wings will appear, and when she glows pink, swing the Wii remote and Nunchuk down and up together. This is not available at the start, and must be unlocked, in the Ice Sector. To activate this power, stand over an ability hologram and press C.

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