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This checkbox will also cause hosts to attempt to join the domain immediately after imaging and renaming. Examples: The user in your domain you wish to use to add the computers to Active Directory.

[domain]\[account] In Fog versions 1.0 you do not need to specify the domain in the username field, it adds it automatically.

you only need to have [account] Example: Note: Domain does not need to be fully qualified for Domain Username For FOG 1.3.0 The password should be typed plain-text, and will auto-encrypt on it's own when saved.

For the Legacy client (not recommended), the domain password must be encrypted using FOGCrypt.

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So if those are configured to use by applications or systems make sure you prepare to do those changes. Reboots – Systems will need to reboot twice to apply the name changes including workstations. Certificate Authority (CA) – if CA is used make sure you prepare it according to Once your infrastructure is ready, to perform the rename process we need an administrative computer or server. It must have “Remote Server Administration Tools” installed.

We have refreshed the data in AD only for one computer.

To fill in the data for all computers in a given container (OU) in AD, use the cmdlet Get-ADComputer and foreach cycle.

In particular, you can write the name of the current user registered in the system, his department (this information can be obtained using Get-ADUser), IP address of the computer or any other relevant information in the Description field. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA) At line:4 char:10 $name = (Get-WMIObject -Computer Name $computer Win32_Computer System Pr … Get Wmi Object Command I have firewall disabled via GPO on all machines. The easy part is giving the Domain Users group editing rights to the Description field of all AD computer objects (Delegate Control option in ADUC). Exec Query(“Select * from Win32_System Enclosure”) identifying Number = replace(obj SMBIOS.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Category Info : Invalid Operation: (:) [Get-Wmi Object], COMException Fully Qualified Error Id : Get WMICOMException, Microsoft. But is there a Powershell solution (Remote PS or other) for writing to AD without distributing RSAT and/or Active Directory cmdlets? Serial Number, “,”, “.”) vendor = replace(obj SMBIOS.

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