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Videos and verbal repetition are also another way to incorporate auditory learning methods in your classroom.Students who learn visually have to see it to understand it.You can easily do this by having students take a questionnaire.Once you know if they are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners, then you can begin to accommodate to their specific learning style.To connect with these students, try letter blocks during story time and have the students spell out certain words throughout the story for a fully tactile experience.In addition, math concepts can be understood through the use of Lego blocks.

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The teacher is speaking at the perfect pace and has a few examples written on the board.

We all have a way in which we learn best, either through observing, listening, or touch.

Odds are that each and every one of your students has a different way that they learn best, too.

Additionally, encouraging students to draw or use symbols will help them feel confident about their learning style in the classroom and retain the information better than plain writing.

Similar to visual learners, students who learn through reading and writing benefit from traditional note taking and textbook readings.

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