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Use panel 10(C) of form UT1 to tell us who is in physical possession of the property.

Where this is not the registered proprietor, you must be able to demonstrate the applicant’s relationship with the person who is in possession that, for the purposes of section 131 of the , means they are to be treated as being in possession.

The date on which the title was first registered is stated in the property register, taken as the date on which the first proprietor was registered.

Use panel 10 to indicate the basis of the application.

For example, it may be that you are now able to lodge further evidence of title.

Use panel 8 to tell us the class of title to which you are applying to upgrade.

For example, with a possessory or qualified leasehold title you may wish us to consider upgrading it to good leasehold or, alternatively, if you can satisfy the requirements in Good leaseholds, to absolute leasehold.

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