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I shrugged as she dragged it out and opened it up and gasped and quickly started dragging out purses and shoes.

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I know most of my neighbors who I speak to from time to time but generally I like my privacy and I hold to myself.

She said wouldn t feel right just taking everything because there had to be at smallest five century dollars worth of stuff in the box. ” she quickly nodded as I inquired “Will you give me a blow job? “Stand up” she said in an sad voice as I stood when she pulled my casual trousers and boxers to my ankles as my hard cock leaped out towards her face.

I sat back down as she looked at me “You better not ever notify any person about this!

I said no as she said that everything in the carton was really expensive.

I didn t understand what any of the named brand shit in there was but she appeared to actually want it so I notified her to take what she wanted.

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