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Amy-Lee de Jager (top) was grabbed from her mother Angeline de Jager at around 7.40am on Monday morning outside a primary school near Johannesburg.The youngster, who is the daughter of F1 powerboat racer Wynand de Jager (centre, left) was with her mother and her five-year-old brother.Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage predicted the prime minister (right addressing the media outside Downing Street today) will lose a Commons vote on stopping a No Deal exit from the EU.They don't look all that different from a pair of supermarket flip-flops costing £2.The couple posted the 'powerful quote' by former South African president Nelson Mandela on their Sussex Royal Instagram page.

Speaking on LBC Radio today, Mr Farage (left speaking at a party event in Colchester, Essex) told his listeners his party is ready for a general election and has previously indicated he would field a rival in every Tory seat if the prime minister did not opt for a hard Brexit.

The Labour leader was introduced onto the stage as the 'socialist who's going to go into Number 10 in a matter of weeks' by John Mc Donnell.

Outside the venue, 'Yellow Vest' protester James Goddard was arrested by police after blocking Jeremy Corbyn and John Mc Donnell's car as they left the Lowry in Salford Quays and shouting 'traitor' at the Labour leader.

So it is little wonder that the designer label Hermes has faced scorn for selling a pair of 'summer sandals' at £335.

John Manley (left) smashed into the front of a Travelodge hotel in Liverpool (right) on the day it was due to be completed after his employers allegedly failed to pay him.

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